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All music athletes will train for their events by participating in the 30 Piece Challenge. Any piece may count as long as it is played musically.

As you complete each piece, you will progress around the Musicathelon Map. When you reach a colored circle, you will unlock a Musicathelon event. You must complete a minimum of 2 events plus the Final Challenge to earn a Musicathelon Medal.


Gold Medal

5+ Completed Events

Plus Final Challenge

Silver Medal

3-4 Completed Events

Plus Final Challenge

Bronze Medal

2 Completed Events

Plus Final Challenge

All Musicathelon events and required challenges must be passed off and signed by your teacher.

There is no limit on how many times you may attempt to complete an event.

You do not have to complete the 30 Piece Challenge to earn a medal, though there will be a special award for those that do!