Studio Policies


Accepted Payment Methods

Personal Check: Pay to the Order of Leah Drake.
Deliver in person or mail to: 767 Sunset Glen Dr., San Jose, CA 95123.

PayPal: Send to using the “friends and family” option.

Tuition Deadlines & Late Fees

Tuition payments are due by or before the 7th of each month. Make arrangements to pay tuition promptly, even if the tuition deadline falls before the next scheduled lesson. A $20 late fee must be included when making a late payment. In recurring situations, failure to pay tuition promptly may also affect student registration.

Makeups, Cancellations & No‐Shows

All guaranteed lessons are scheduled before the term begins. The scheduling process accounts for student and teacher absences due to holidays, vacations, etc. Given proper notice, make‐up lessons will be allowed to ensure that the guaranteed number of lessons is completed. All scheduled lessons are available on Google Calendar to all parties listed in the contact and billing section of the registration contract. Parents and students are ultimately responsible for keeping track of all appointments; even in the event that Google Calendar malfunctions.

Any cancellation requires at least 48 hours’ notice prior to an appointment to retain the guarantee for that lesson. Late cancellations and no shows will not be allowed a make‐up lesson. The only exception to this rule is illness. Students are not allowed to attend a lesson if they did not attend school/work for illness that day. If they are coughing, sneezing, or otherwise spreading excessive germs around them, the lesson should be cancelled. In the event that you need to cancel a lesson for illness, notice must be provided before noon on the day of the cancellation to be eligible for a makeup lesson.

Incomplete Term & Extended Tuition

If, for any reason, a student discontinues lessons in the middle of a term, any remaining guaranteed lessons will not be eligible for a refund or transfer.

If a student has not completed their guaranteed lessons by the end of a term due to eligible conflicts (e.g. sickness) and/or teacher absence, a credit will be applied to their account at the following rate of transfer:

$40 per 35 minute lesson $65 per 55 minute lesson

If a student completes their guaranteed lessons before the term ends, they are eligible for extended tuition at a discounted rate, as follows:

$40 per 35 minute lesson $65 per 55 minute lesson