Leah’s love of music has shaped her life from the beginning.


From her beginnings as a young piano student, to a band-loving teenager, and eventually an accomplished choral singer, Leah has a diverse array of experiences that make her a savvy and passionate musician. 

She has always been a lifelong musician, but Leah’s enthusiasm for teaching was ignited by an Educational Psychology class she took in college. She loves to study how people learn. She is devoted to tailoring her communication and teaching style to guide each learner to success. 



Her students most enjoy Leah’s creative approaches to the basics. She regularly incorporates theory games and opportunities for improv and composition that keep students engaged and motivated. Students certainly don’t mind her sticker obsession either, as it promises to add color and personal flair to every lesson.

When she’s not teaching or performing, Leah loves to hike, swim, and golf. She also enjoys cooking and playing board games with friends and family.


Get to know Leah in this interview she gave with The Piano Parent Podcast

Leah is the best piano teacher I could ever hope to have for my kid. It’s been over a year now and my child still loves to go to piano class and that’s the best feedback. She’s very professional and playful with the kids, never pushy, and she communicated very clearly with them about what to do. Since my child was very young (5 years old) when we started, for the first year me and my husband spent a lot of time making practice a daily routine, sit with her through every practice and work through every challenge. Basically her homework is our homework. But after a year now she mostly does her practice herself everyday without us asking, we only needed to help out when there’s a challenging part. I don’t need my kid to be the next Beethoven or anything, my goal is to have music as part of the joy in her life, a way for her to express herself when she feels the need to. I often thought that I wish I had a teacher like Leah when I was little, then I probably won’t have stopped learning piano myself because the traditional Asian way was so boring. I feel very lucky to have Leah as a teacher for my child and would highly recommend her.
— Kate L. (parent)

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