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Group Piano Classes

Group lessons focus on developing creativity, musicianship, and keyboard skills in an engaging social atmosphere. Each student sits at their own keyboard while participating with the entire class. Groups are formed by similar age and level. Individual progress is closely monitored to create the best possible class experience for every learning style.


Piano Classes for Kids:
This well-rounded program exposes young students to technical study, note-reading, chord-reading, improvisation, composition, and more! From the beginning, students experience a welcoming atmosphere that can spark long-lasting friendships and camaraderie. In addition to solo and ensemble skills, students are also provided with many opportunities to explore and create.


Group music classes are a highly motivational and engaging way to learn new skills and enjoy the music-making journey.

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Piano Classes for Teens:
Teens especially thrive in a group environment - it’s 100% social! In addition to developing their technical and reading skills, the highlight of teen classes is the “piano band” experience. Students enjoy regular opportunities to play their favorite pop tunes in a lively setting and among their friends. Creative skills are also enhanced as students progress, encouraging students to improvise and even write their own music. This engaging program helps keeps teens in music lessons for far longer and guides them to become lifelong musicians.


Students continually inspire and challenge each other to grow in this dynamic learning environment.


Piano Classes for Adults:
It’s never too late to learn the piano! For most adults, personal satisfaction outweighs the desire to perform, so lessons focus on helping students learn to express themselves through music. Students do not need to be "talented" or commit to numerous hours of practice to be able to learn and enjoy the piano; rather, this style of lessons makes playing the piano enjoyable and accessible for all types of learners.


This is a Recreational Music-Making (RMM) program, which means that's it's not just about inspiring extraordinary music - it's about inspiring extraordinary living.



Individual Piano Lessons

Advancing students may wish to add an weekly one-on-one lesson to help them with personal projects and interests.

Individual lessons are offered as a supplement to regular group classes.

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Individual Lessons: Private students have the most opportunities to learn new repertoire with their teacher. They also have a tailored lesson each week that can address both their strengths and weaknesses as they work to develop their individual skills.